Troo Knot

Troo Knot is a musical messenger sent here to unleash the sonic paradox of nature. 

Mental Breakdown

    A Practical Way to Suffer  

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         Buddhism says life is suffering. Christ suffered on the cross in the name of love. Liu Kang had to fight the soul sucking sorcerer Shang Tsung. Superman did some brave shit with kryptonite I think. Either way, the hero makes a sacrifice for the greater good. We don't get to decide if fear and suffering will be in our lives. They definitely will be. We just get to decide what kind of relationship we have with these natural forces. It is our responsibility to own up to our thoughts and actions in this relationship because no one will do it for us and this is the lovely paradox of free will. It sucks because it's scary and it's awesome because we can do it. 

Given that the forces of fear and suffering are inevitable which option is more useful? 

  1. See them as forces that over power us and destroy all of the joy in our life? 
  2. See them as gateways into our greatest gifts and opportunities? 

If you chose option 1: I hope the best for you and good luck. 


If you chose option 2: Now which option is the most useful way to use fear and suffering as an opportunity? 

  1. Ignore it and hide from it. 
  2. Look at it, be honest with it, and lean into it as an opportunity to grow.

If you chose option 1 -  I hope the best for you and good luck.


If you chose option 2 - Now what would it be like to look at your suffering, be honest with it, and lean into the opportunity? 

  1. Do nothing and expect everything to get better while blaming everyone and everything else for the suffering you refuse to do anything about?
  2. Asking for help, honestly talking about it with a support system, taking small daily actions despite being afraid of them, and remembering that fear and suffering are your allies not your enemies so you can appreciate them rather than resent them.


If you chose either:  Now what kinds of gifts and opportunities are hiding behind all of your fears and suffering? 


Is it worth it to find out?  

  1. Yes

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