Troo Knot

Troo Knot is a musical messenger sent here to unleash the sonic paradox of nature. 

The Untied Wild

Empowering Authentic Leadership

        Troo Knot uses music, comedy, and connection to entertain and inspire authentic leadership. From melodic metaphors and practical insight to wall busting humor and vulnerability. Troo Knot will leave you feeling mystified, energized, and empowered to move forward with passion in your heart, intention on the mind, and freedom in your soul. 

  • Adaptable to all ages and group sizes. 
  • Corporate, festivals, schools, conferences, events. 
  • Please contact - - for booking inquiries. 
 Info - Braden Lyster  text/call: 1-403-376-0639  email:

Info - Braden Lyster

text/call: 1-403-376-0639


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