Troo Knot

Troo Knot is a musical messenger sent here to unleash the sonic paradox of nature. 

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Troo Knot is a 1 man variety show known for his
- Versatile Musicality
- Undeniable Stage Presence
- Wacky Sense of Humor
- Crowd Interaction & Improvisation

With a loop pedal, microphone, guitar, and a keyboard, this wild shapeshifter invites audience members to immerse themselves in
- Groovy Rhythms
- Enchanting Melodies
- Comedic Surprises & Theatrical Antics

This genre-twisting madman blends intricate production with live music, beatboxing with clowning, audience interaction with entertainment, and nostalgia with novelty.

Musician - Vocalist - Comedian - Beatboxer - Guitarist - Pianist - Producer - Improviser

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Music videos

Troo Knot has developed an extreme sense of flexibility as an entertainer by performing in cafes, night clubs, comedy clubs, hip hop shows, EDM festivals, metal shows, schools, birthday parties, corporate events, circuses, and on the street.

It doesn’t matter where the event is or who’s there, Troo Knot is going to flip the room upside down with his stage presence, crowd interaction, and playful nature.

But Troo Knot doesn’t just get by on his energizing stage presence. This dude has over 12 years of guitar, piano, voice, and music production under his belt. His track, Pescado Mago was nominated for YYC 2018 Best EDM Recording of the Year. He earns his respect beside some of hottest rappers and beatboxers in the hip hop scene, and to top it off he is…
- Lead singer for fusion band, Fermented Beet Orchestra
- Lead singer for progressive-metal band,

He has played shows and festivals featuring…
- Shawn Desman
- Ice T
- Swollen Members
- Dub FX
- Kytami
- Mac Lethal
- Merkules
- The Widdler
- Freak Motif and more.

Troo Knot has collaborated creatively with organizations such as…
- Le Cirque de la Nuit
- Fozzy Fest
- Curiosity Festival
- Wicked Woods

- Chamber of Commerce
- GlobalFest
- Movement with a Message
- Calgary Board of Education
- Beakerhead
- Notorious Improv
- Autism Asperger Friendship Society
- Alex Food Center
- RIEL Institute
- Woods Homes and more.

Troo Knot guarantees to elevate the fun, laughter, joy, and connection at your event.

For booking inquiries please email

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