Troo Knot

Troo Knot is a musical messenger sent here to unleash the sonic paradox of nature. 

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Musician - Vocalist - Comedian - Beatboxer - Improviser - Guitarist - Pianist - Producer - Dancer - Shapeshifter

          Troo Knot is a musical comedian that gets crowds grooving, giggling, and wondering what he ate for breakfast. His music sounds like futuristic jungle funk infused with jazz, hip hop, house, and whatever else tickles his fancy. Troo Knot is an entertainer that morphs his style to fit the room he’s jamming in. Schools, clubs, corporate events, birthday parties, circus shows, lounges, hip hop cyphers, underground bass caves… It doesn’t matter where the event is or who’s there, Troo Knot is going to dive in head first with his stage presence, crowd interaction, and versatile ninja skills.

Troo Knot doesn’t just get by on his energizing stage presence. This dude has over 10 years of guitar, piano, and music production under his dress. 2 years in a row, his music was nominated for YYC Best EDM Recording of the Year 2018 & 2019. He earns his respect beside some of hottest rappers and beatboxers in the hip hop scene and to top it off he is the lead singer for Fermented Beet Orchestra and METAVORE.

“If Reggie Watts and Jamiroquai had a baby, Troo Knot would pop out.”
- Rebecca Dawn

Troo Knot has played shows and festivals with  Dub FX, Kytami, Shawn Desman, Mac Lethal, Swollen Members, Ice-T, Merkules, Insane Clown Posse, Mayday, The Widdler, Abstrakt Sonace, Mat The Alien, AFRO  and more.  

“I was the class clown. Music came later. I’m constantly trying to level up as a musician to balance out how ridiculous I am.”

          Off stage Troo Knot is Braden Lyster. He is involved with the youth and disability communities in Calgary.  He feels compelled to serve these communities through peer support and creative mentorship. He has teamed up with Woods HomesBeakerhead, Science Genius, GlobalFest, Movement With A Message, Alex Community Food Center, Autism Aspergers Friendship Society, Fozzy Fest, SCOPE, and MoveMeant to work with people of all ages and abilities. 

Outside of creation and service, Braden enjoys snuggling his wifey Zambo, traveling, exploring, hanging with homies, movement, martial arts, soccer, being an uncle, reading, and trying to be less of an asshole.

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